Nothing can prepare you for life-changing encounters with absolutely pristine nature. No images, no words can capture that one profound moment when all your expectations are reset. Perhaps the moment you step out onto the ice floe, or watch a whale breaching metres away, or the view of turquoise-tinted coral reefs from your helicopter cockpit. It's only for you to discover.


Your vision of an ocean paradise really exists. It’s time to find our planet’s true unspoiled islands, coves and dive spots — places that you don’t have to share with the crowds. Venture well beyond the usual yachting circuit, to incredible destinations that others can’t reach, while enjoying the highest level of comfort, style and independence. This is the ultimate luxury experience.



After decades designing once-in-alifetime experiences to our planet’s most remarkable places, the experts at EYOS Expeditions know better than anyone how to organise bespoke superyacht expeditions in complete luxury and safety. Working with Captains, they build bespoke itineraries, acquire permits, arrange aviation services and gather a world-class expedition team.


Expedition yachting together with your family — you’re not only creating extraordinary moments that your children will remember for a lifetime, but these precious experiences also form the bonds that connect generations. Away from distractions, focused on the passage forward and the core challenges of accomplishment, this is where the next generation of leaders and strong characters emerge.

Men's Portrait.

Light Blue Summer | Malibu.

My photography session with Model and Personal Trainer Bartosz Gigot.

You can see his Intagram account at:


Nikon 70-200  mm 2.8

Lexar Cards.



A gentleman's tonsorial parlor.

Expert in classic high-end grooming since nearly 15 years. The shop aims to teach good habits,offering a free facial analysis and using all-natural products. The salon has three locations: 202B Elizabeth street, New York; 146 East 49th Street, New York and 17 Bannard Street, Freehold, New Jersey.

A legion of distinguished fans from Prime Ministers to Presidents, from entertainers to award-winning actors.

For years, The New York Shaving Company has provided discerning gentleman with the finest in shaving products and services. Our ideology harks back to the days when dapper gentleman sought out a close, clean shave in an inviting and masculine atmosphere, the latter of which we’ve thoughtfully recreated.Antique chairs, barbers in crisp white coats, steamed towels, nostalgic music, and our own proprietary line of high-quality products add to the ambience that elevates The New York Shaving Company experience to a class all its own.

The passion behind the company.

John Scala founded The New York Shaving Company with a singular passion: to reintroduce the old-fashioned way of shaving and provide men with a superior shave using only the finest ingredients. To achieve this dream, John sacrificed everything—including his wife’s engagement ring (with her permission, of course)—to create the idyllic male sanctuary that combines the refinement of eras past with the fulfillment of present-day expectations.

Through the decades the modern man has suffered the loss of the quintessential neighborhood shaving parlor and its characteristic camaraderie, but The New York Shaving Company successfully reclaims it.

We invite you to reminisce about this rite of passage you share with your father
and your grandfather.

John Scala the Founder.

" We want man to enjoy the ultimate grooming experience - he uses to say - and to come away with a new appreciation for what a daily shave can be. We transform a routine chore into a valuable masculine assetwhich every successful man deserves".

Men's Portrait.

Classic Portrait.

My photography session with actor Sean Scott McCraken was a pleasure. An easy guy to work with.

This guy is polite, generous and decent to a fault. In other words, a good man.

Sean's Site:

For this photo shoot I used the following.

Nikon 85 mm 1.8

Lexar Cards.

Hensel Porty and one EH Mini i Speed.





Traditional watchmaking has overcome the difficulties linked to the advent of quartz thanks to connoisseurs, collectors and all those who are passionate about watchmaking.


Comprised of 379 parts, the 7.25mm-thick, 32mm diameter self-winding Calibre 5939A keeps tabs on all the differing month lengths as well as leap years involved in our perplexingly nonsensical Gregorian calendar with such diligence that you-or, rather, the fortunate, as-yet-unborn heirs who are endowed with this gem-won't need to adjustit until 2100.

By purchasing a Blancpain timepiece you contribute to the promotion of watchmaking tradition and particularly to that of Blancpain, the oldest watchmaker in the world. To thank you for your interest we offer you the opportunity to have your own entry in our Register of Connoisseurs. In this way we will remain in contact and you will always be a welcome visitor at out Manufacture.

Blancpain’s native village of Villeret lends its name to the most classic collection from the Manufacture. Firmly anchored in tradition, these models personify our roots and embody our prime aesthetic choices. The purity of their lines, the clarity of their dials and the slenderness of their double stepped cases express essentials with timeless elegance.

Blancpain subtly and constantly reinterprets this collection with a contemporary face that nonetheless preserves its emblematic aesthetic. Far from representing a break with tradition, the new models reassert the Manufacture’s enduring attachment to authentic horological values, powerfully confirmed by the introduction of grand feu enamel dials and blued steel serpentine hands for the calendar display.

The Villeret collection incorporates the results of recent research conducted by Blancpain in the field of movement making. Under-lug correctors, secured calendar and moon-phase mechanisms, exceptional power reserves: everything possible is done to enhance exceptional timepieces such as the Carrousel Phases de Lune or the unique Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel.

The Rebellion Look


As part of their development into young adults, humans must develop an Identity independent from their parents or family and a capacity for independent decision making. They may experiment with different roles, behaviours, and ideologies as part of their process of developing an identity. Teenage rebellion has been recognized within psychology as a set of behavioural traits that supersede class, culture, or race.


There remains some debate as to whether the causes of teenage rebellion are completely natural or necessary. Some posit that an adolescent's failure to achieve a sense of identity can result in role confusion and an inability to choose a vocation, and these pressures may develop from being viewed as adults. Indeed, in the Western world the age at which one is considered an adult (in both the cultural and legal sense) has advanced from the early teens in earlier centuries to the late teens and even early twenties in today's society.


Lucca Carbone Portrait

I used my Nikon D800 and the 70-200mm lens also by Nikon. For memory cards Lexar has been my choice. Natural light.

Camper & Nicholsons |

Luxury Yacht Charter.

Destination Places.

A luxury yacht charter is the perfect platform for exploring some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world. Our yacht charter brokers can advise you on which luxury yacht to charter that fulfills your individual yachting needs.

For today's man. Aboard all of our luxurious charter yachts, from the performance sailing yachts to the new breed of charter megayachts, there is more on offer than mouth-watering cuisine, exemplary service, diverse destinations and world-class accommodation.

Imagine… a hotel with a ratio of one staff to every guest; a restaurant where you pick up gourmet cuisine of your choice, a resort where you can have the company of your friends any time for as long as you are there; a holiday itinerary that enables you to decide where and when to go, at your own pace; or a luxury villa where you can relax undisturbed by outsiders…

Bespoke Yacht Charters.

Whether it is provisioning the yacht with your favourite wine, arranging a surprise anniversary party, or organising transfers, excursions, restaurant reservations or a game of golf, your yacht charter broker, captain and crew will ensure that once you step on board you have the time of your life.

Camper & Nicholsons charter brokers have an intimate, first hand experience of each yacht – its food, décor, crew, facilities and accommodation – and excel in ensuring they select the ideal yacht and destination for each client. Drawing on more than 180 years of experience between them, they have inspected every yacht Camper & Nicholsons represents, as well as most of the superyachts available for charter, and make it a priority to know each captain and crew, therefore providing clients with expert opinions and references. They are also widely travelled and able to offer clients advice on specific cruising grounds, along with personal recommendations on the best restaurants, clubs, boutiques, and even unknown beaches and coves, providing an innovative flair for inspired itineraries.

Unlock the World of Camper & Nicholsons.

Every yachting experience is unique. From the moment you make the decision to step on board, to choosing the type of yacht to deciding where to go, the journey is bespoke to you. Welcome to a world beyond luxury, where extraordinary is par of the course. The following videos bring you one step closer. We ensure your journey is of the finest standard from the very beginning. From the very beginning, pure luxury flows throughout your entire journey. We are here to help every step of the way. With a team of exceptional staff on hand 24/7, you will experience the best quality service from your welcome to your goodbye. A superyacht allows you the flexibility to spend your time exactly how you wish. Stay on board, step ashore – the choice is yours and yours alone. Create life long treasured memories as you embark on your bespoke journey.


I admire bravery, the bravery to make daring decisions, the bravery to be exposed and vulnerable.

About this photo.

When looking at Sean's gallery in my TitoFinePortraits site one get's the idea of some one who is looking for some thing. Perhaps he is a psy out in the middle of nowhere.

I used my Nikon D800 and the 70-200mm lens also by Nikon. For memory cards Lexar has been my choice. Natural light.

Carlos Santos | Men's Shoes | 70 years of history.


Established in 1942, Carlos Santos is based in the North of Portugal and has a long experience of innovating in products for men.  Even today, Carlos Santos is one of the few Portuguese companies in the area to apply the Goodyear Welted system, a manual technique in which machines play a secondary role.

A 100% Portuguese brand which is named after its mentor, Carlos Santos, and which, year after year, has reasserted the quality of its products on an international level. Having taken its first step towards internationalisation 35 years ago, the company now operates in Germany, France, Holland, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and the USA, and is preparing to enter the Middle East.

We Appeal to Emotions.

We produce pieces that combine art and design, tradition and timelessness. We appeal to emotions and moods, we speak directly to the imagination of those who seek us. This is the key to our success, the soul of Carlos Santos: to always put what really matters first… everyone who makes us their first choice.

Likewise, our care extends to post-sales services, flexibility and versatility for the client and communication with the outside world. All these factors add value to the brand, which is renowned for the excellence of its products and the values it stands for.


The Carlos Santos collection is divided into two main lines: Santos by Carlos Santos (rich in carefully crafted detailing, aimed at people who are passionate about the art involved in this type of production. The look for this line is timeless and, therefore, remains mostly unchanged over time) and Carlos Santos Handcrafted (is the jewel in the company’s crown; a smaller collection with sophisticated design and traditional production – handcrafted – using a technique associated with Haute Couture.).

The production is 100% Portuguese and the materials used are carefully chosen according to the experience of Carlos Santos.

In response to clients’ requests and their trust in us, the brand is now investing in new products for women which are more feminine than before. Even though one of the new models has a high heel, the choice of materials used for female segment makes them more casual pieces.



Bugatti Blue, the brand’s philosophy, finds expression within every single event associated with the company. The following sections are designed to offer a glimpse of this ever-so exclusive world: “People” talks about those who have fully embraced the Bugatti lifestyle, “Places” describes cities and places symbolising the world’s fastest car, “Events” focuses on the exclusive parties where privileged guests celebrate this luxury commodity, while “News” presents new developments concerning this one-of-a-kind mindset and approach to life, in which La Vie En Bleu reveals all its various nuances.


We all have our heroes — people who inspire us and who embody perfectly the characteristics that define the essence of the Bugatti man: an eccentric yet highly sophisticated image, a dynamic character extremely attentive to new technological ideas and discoveries, but above all a passion for beauty, for outstanding workmanship, for excellence that only hard work can create.


There are places that awaken particular scenarios and with which the Bugatti family has always lived symbiotically. However, it is the tangible aspects of art, food, museums, gardens and shops that arouse the natural curiosity of the Bugatti man when visiting these places. Locales that provide the perfect backdrop for his refined taste: non-conventional, sophisticated and with that invariable touch of nonchalance.

Gunter sachs and Brigitte Bardot Look | Agoura Hills, California.

Gold Man Sachs.

Sportsman, dandy, filmmaker and womaniser, Guntar Sachs was the last of the golden-era pleasure seekers. I salute a man who took full advantage of the privileges afforded to him by his hefty inheritances, to live an enviable life of focused leisure where he was free to pursue his varied interests and passions on his own terms.

Sachs was born in southern Germany and in addition to his German nationality, Sachs received Swiss citizenship in 1976. His energy was also expended on women. In the early ’60s, he was with Soraya Esfandiary, former wife of the Shah of Iran. Later, he ran with Britt Ekland, Tina Onassis and waterskiing heiress Marina Doria. Eclipsing them all, however, was Bardot. They first met in a bar in Gassin, a village above St. Tropez, in May 1966. “I knew the minute I saw her, I was going to marry her,” he said, while she recalled being “hypnotised”. They bonded over their shared taste in Rolls-Royces, but she turned down his first proposal of marriage, relenting only when he flew over her home in a helicopter and launched a shower of red roses. Even she had to admit: “It’s not every day a man drops a ton of roses in your backyard.” In some versions of the story, he followed this grand gesture by jumping into the sea with two suitcases and moving in. A playboy in his early years, married three times. “Playboy, moi?” Sachs once asked a rather presumptuous journalist. “I would rather call myself a gentleman.” He had a point.

Brigitte Bardot.

Brigitte Bardot is a living legend. An expression she says she hates, one she doesn't understand. That doesn't stop her from being a living legend. More than an actress despite the cinematographic masterpieces (The Truth, Contempt, A very Private affair). A unique equation. The beatles adored her. For Andy Warhol, she was the first modern woman. Novelist Marguerite Duras nicknamed her "Queen Bardot", Catholic Novelist Julien Green paid tribute to her "pure Heart", while philosopher Roland Barthes unpicked her and Jean Cocteau thought she had "that je-ne-sais-quoi of a stranger who attracts the idolaters of an age deprived of gods" . Hundreds of millions of men have fallen asleep dreaming of Brigitte Bardot.

About This Photoshoot.

Fernanda De Freitas is a Brazilian model living in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of photographing her during Miss Brazil USA 2016. Here she happily portraits miss Brigitte.

Her insta page can be seen here:

Sean Scott McCraken - Please see the post prior to this one. There I have posted is info.

Victoria Rubel was my makeup/hair stylist.

One Hensel Light was used. Nikon D800 and my 85 mm.

Men's Classic Portrait and the BMW Z3 | Agoura Hills, California.


Man with Style.

Personal style is more than just the aesthetics; it is a reflection of you as an individual.

It's an indicator of your self-esteem, confidence, status and success.

To own a great image is to empower yourself with visual power. A power that even before you say a word has induced others to see as successful, attractive and someone worth knowing.

When you look great, you'll feel great and people will notice and will treat you with respect. A personal great image also attracts opportunities both social and business that a man with a poor presentation will never receive.

About the photoshoot.

Agoura Hills is an amazing place for photography. The country side hills and the roads in between, gives me the perfect and quite places to photo shoot just about anything, specially fashion and portraits. I mainly used a Nikon D800 with an 85 mm 1.8. Great lens for portraits. My lighting equipment is from Germany, Hensel.

About our model.

Sean Scott McCracken has played historical figures on stage such as Bobby Kennedy, and inspiring characters including Dr. Berger in a stage production of ORDINARY PEOPLE. Other characters in his repertoire are uncertain heroes like Kent Erickson in FROM THE WOODS, featured in Cannes 2014 Short Corner. Show up for one of McCracken’s performances and what you’ll get is classic Leading Man swagger buoyed by still waters. SSM finished his college degree at Univeristy of California, San Diego with a major in Lit/Writing. He completed a few film shorts on the side, performed in a few plays, one penned by favorite writer, Milan Kundera. The next five years he spent as a lifestyle writer for 944 Magazine in San Diego, and a spirit brand manager before relocating to Los Angeles. In the recent past he’s been honing his craft over two years in Meisner training with John Ruskin, involved in Improv at UCB and M.I. Westside Comedy Theatre, and influenced by classical training in Shakespeare at Will Greer’s Theatricum Botanicum.


The BMW Z3 was introduced via video press release by BMW North America on June 12, 1995 and made a short appearance in the James Bond Film Golden Eye.

Written from someone who loves the good life," I'd always thought cars were just machines with a wheel at each corner, but this was lust. I drove it down the King's Road and bought the most expensive suit I'd ever bought, just to get used to the habit.

Man of the World

Near Westlake Village we found this amazing place for our portfolio photoshoot.

The idea was to create a feeling of the modern man in an environment outside of a city.

Brandon Katz is the model and he is represented by ottomodels in Los Angeles.


Backstage of Miss Brazil Usa Los Angeles 2015

Luxury, glamour, fun, emotion and a lot of beauty, is that and much more Miss Brazil USA 2015 brings in its events. The woman’s beauty presented in beautiful contestants who represent their country, their state and their city in a night full of excitement.

Actually it is in the backstage where the confusion is all around you that I love to be creative with my photography. Here last year's Miss Brazil Los Angeles Daniela Goulart is having her make-up done. I waited till I new I had the shot I wanted. Turning this photo into a black and white image was all that was needed. An art Image was created.

Washington DC, A moment with Donal W Jordan. Korean Veteran.

Last week while visiting Washington DC, I came across a gentleman with a nice smile on his face. His name was Donal W. Jordan. A veteran of the Korean War. Sixty two years have passed since the end of that war. Looking into his blue eyes one can go back in time and see Donald being taken from his home, family, friends and country, to go across the world into a far away continent and fight a devastating war. Luckily he came back to tell his story to us all. A nation that takes care of their wounded soldiers is bound to be strong and mighty at least in the eyes of it's people.
Donald W. Jordan not sure if I ever see you again, so here I pay my homage to you for the sacrifices you made, for the friends you lost. May God always favor you my friend.

Los Angeles Engagement.

Happiness and love is truly remarkable. When you focus on the amazing gift that it is, and all the wonderful things it is doing for you at this very moment, it is easy to be positive and loving. Moments of happiness and unhappiness lay ahead, but remember that love works tirelessly to serve you always.

I went for a black and white look, and to me it captures the essence of the moment. Cheers to love, always.

Actors Headshot

As an actor, clothes, your costume, your wardrobe are super important. You become sensitive how things feel. Then, when you go to a tailor, you take that sensitivity with you. From the Rake.

Headshot of actor Grant Benjamin Leibowitz in our Encino Studio.

Westlake Village, California Headshot - North Natural Light.

For centuries, artists have understood the benefits of painting with north light which has helped produce some of the greatest paintings in history. We have all heard that north facing windows are optimum for an artist’s studio, but why? The same applies to photography.


North light, commonly known as reflected light or indirect light, produces cool and controlled value shifts.North light basks the subject matter and photographing in the same cool atmosphere.

This helps the artist have far greater control over values, contrasts and subtle color changes within a photograph.

We had the pleasure of having Samantha a beautiful french girl in our studio.