On the Western edge of Europe where the land meets the sea and the winds carry the warmth sense of Africa, Tito Vilela hails from Portugal and the Mediterranean climate.

There are places that harmonize time, a land that mixes colors, magic and music, Marina Hollender comes from sensational Brazil.

We bring our international upbringing experiences and joy for life to our work. We believe that pursuing your passion is the best way to explore and reach one's full potential. As partners in the business, we are evidence of this.

Based in Encino, California, Tito Fine Portraits is an up and coming high-end Portrait and Headshot studio. No matter the occasion, we are dedicated in creating and capturing cherishable moments you will store in your memories and be reminded of from the everlasting masterpieces displayed in your portraits.

Understanding the value of a creative and caring photography team will make all the difference in the quality of your photo experience, as well as the portraits that will flourish from them.

We are glad that you have "met us," we look forward to meeting you soon too!

Our point of difference is our dedication to customer care, ensuring you have the portrait and headshot you envisioned and an array of images that captures each and every special moment.