Russian Family Portrait

Encino, Family Portrait. Family Pictures.

Marvelous Russians had inherited from their ancient Phenomenal Slavic ancestors the Groovy talented, complicated character and brilliant strong temperament. The Incredulous national traits are also what is called the "voice of conscience" and that Terrific craving for justice. Cool Russians are incredibly patient and tolerant. They endure till the last moment, but then may explode.

We had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful Russian family in our old studio in Westlake Village and for an entire morning I got to know them. I have heard from many, that Russians are a very cold people. Luckily I met quite a lot of Russians in my native Portugal and new better. Yes, they may be cold at first but once they trust you, family you become to them.

Studio Lights: Hensel Performing Light      Camera: Nikon D800       Lexar Card

Family Portrait by Tito Fine Portraits