Bar Mitzvah


Encino Bar Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an ancient Jewish practice.
But it’s not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. The practice seems to date back at least as far as the Second Century, where the Talmud notes that “at age thirteen a boy becomes subject to the commandments.” Further, traditional Judaism regarded the age of thirteen as the point at which a father is released from responsibility for his son’s conduct. Though the practice of Bar Mitzvah has evolved throughout the ages, many believe that by the Middle Ages in Europe, a boy of thirteen would demonstrate his new status in the community by reading from the Torah scroll, leading the community in worship, and offering an original interpretation of the weekly Torah portion. These essential practices have been retained to the present day. In this century, the demand for equality gave rise to the practice of Bat-Mitzvah for girls, which in Reform (and most Conservative) communities has become universal. 

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