Los Angeles Engagement.

Engagement photo shoot.

As a mutual promise to marry, the engagement is still a very popular tradition for couples. The term "fiancé" takes its origin from the French verb "se fier", based on Latin fidere "to trust".  This is why there is a concept of engagement involved.

Good to know : About the ring, when an engagement is broken, the woman has the right to keep the engagement ring. Therefore, it is in good taste for the woman to offer to return the ring while the man can refuse it. But if it is a gems that has been in the family for a long time, the rules are very different. It has to be returned as it considered as a lending to the bride.

The vibe of the Red wall caught my attention, love can be described in many different ways. Here I posed the couple in a serene way, in contraste with the vibrante Red. The idea was to create a balance in this portrait.