ROM Boats

About Us.

ROM Boats is a recent company born of a passion of its founder for recreational craft and the premise of producing models with limited series.

A ROM client has every right to have a unique boat, different from many others. The marketing and after-sales model is one of the distinguishing points of ROM. The relationship with our clients is always made between the factory and the final customer, which allows us to hear directly from them about their wants and needs and to make customization a true reality. On the other hand, all support, where and if necessary, is guaranteed by us anywhere in Europe.

For us it is absolutely essential to be able to respond to the client's functional and practical needs, not neglecting the aesthetic aspect of the boat. We combine innovative technologies with traditional and old craftsmanship, drawing on the vast experience of workers in a sector that was once very strong in Portugal and which needs urgent revitalization so that the little know-how that still exists can be recovered. With this concern in mind, we installed our shipyard in Aveiro, a city with a great tradition in boat construction, recruiting people deprived to exercise their vocation and to apply the knowledge that still dominates. We also guarantee the transfer of this know-how to the new generations so that they will last in time and we will be able to reinvigorate this sector.

Something Unique.

ROM boats are characterized by elegant and modern lines, unique and innovative design, topped by luxury finishes with exquisite materials not normally seen on boats. We combine innovative technologies (in the manufacture of molds and fiberglass) to traditional and old-fashioned craftsmanship (hand-made carpentry and upholstery).

Main Specs. Specifications Overall.

Length Overall: 7,8 m Weight: 2.812 kg


250-450 HPCrew: 10 pax


  • Volvo Penta D4-300/DPS Diesel (2x220HP)
  • Volvo Penta D4-300 (1x300HP) Diesel + Gear Box
  • Volvo Penta V6-DPH (280HP or 350HP) Gasoline
  • Mercruiser 4.3L (250HP or 350HP)
  • Mercruiser Diesel 3.0L TDI (260HP)

Water System.

  • Water heater

Cabin Area and Electronic.

  • Cleat covers 
  • Cockpit cover
  • Leather seats and cockpit finishing
  • Personalized towels and engraving seats
  • Surround bose audio system
  • LED floor lighting
  • LED underwater lights