Headshot Italian Style.

Los Angeles Headshot.

Luca is an Italian model living in Los Angeles. Last week he stepped into our studio for a set of different photoshoots. One thing came to my mind "how is he going to dress up".

Italian style is distinctive in its appearance, defined by its silhouette and dedicated to achieving sprezzatura - rendering it the the envy of the menswear community. Meaning I should not worry about Luca at all.

Here I decided to use his blue shirt for his headshot, so his blue eyes would pop up in the picture as it did.

Studio Lights: Hensel Performing Light         Camera: Nikon D800         Lexar Card



LA Male Model.


Santa Monica Fashion Shoot.

The fashion industry is very competitive, but then again what industry isn't? The clients decide what girl/guy or what look is right for their brand that season. If you don't get picked, it's not personal—it's business. A big part of modeling is simply waiting: Waiting for flights and taxis, waiting to be seen at castings, waiting at fashion shows to get your hair and make-up done or for the show to start. You have to learn how to entertain yourself and be patient.

Here is a nice you man I had the pleasure to photograph. Troy his trying his luck into the modeling world. As a photographer I could not get happeir than see their triumph.

Summer Headshot


Santa Monica, California.

Natural vs Studio Light. Some of us photographers do both, as they offer a different look and feel. Natural light gives a very real, “film” look. Studio lighting tends to be a little more polished, with a more neutral backdrop. Both can be wonderful. If you are more of a sitcom actor, or want to impress your image in your corporate company perhaps our good well-lit studio headshot is more suited for you. If you want to look more at ease and relaxed then natural light is for you.

Summer is here so I decided that Aaron should have his headshot outside. Beautiful Santa Monica is a very nice place with plenty of places for great headshots, plus we get to feel the ocean breeze.


Los Angeles Engagement.

Engagement photo shoot.

As a mutual promise to marry, the engagement is still a very popular tradition for couples. The term "fiancé" takes its origin from the French verb "se fier", based on Latin fidere "to trust".  This is why there is a concept of engagement involved.

Good to know : About the ring, when an engagement is broken, the woman has the right to keep the engagement ring. Therefore, it is in good taste for the woman to offer to return the ring while the man can refuse it. But if it is a gems that has been in the family for a long time, the rules are very different. It has to be returned as it considered as a lending to the bride.

The vibe of the Red wall caught my attention, love can be described in many different ways. Here I posed the couple in a serene way, in contraste with the vibrante Red. The idea was to create a balance in this portrait.

Bar Mitzvah


Encino Bar Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an ancient Jewish practice.
But it’s not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. The practice seems to date back at least as far as the Second Century, where the Talmud notes that “at age thirteen a boy becomes subject to the commandments.” Further, traditional Judaism regarded the age of thirteen as the point at which a father is released from responsibility for his son’s conduct. Though the practice of Bar Mitzvah has evolved throughout the ages, many believe that by the Middle Ages in Europe, a boy of thirteen would demonstrate his new status in the community by reading from the Torah scroll, leading the community in worship, and offering an original interpretation of the weekly Torah portion. These essential practices have been retained to the present day. In this century, the demand for equality gave rise to the practice of Bat-Mitzvah for girls, which in Reform (and most Conservative) communities has become universal. 

I had the pleasure of knowing Adam and his beautiful family. As I saw Adam's uncle approching him I felt something wonderful was about to unfold. The result is this, with a gentle kiss his uncle his telling him "You are loved, all will be fine, don't worry".

Women's Portrait

Encino, Ca- Women's Portraits

Lorenzo the Magnificent described the ideal beauty of the Italian Renaissance as a woman “of an attractive and ideal height; the tone of her skin, white but not pale, fresh but not glowing; her demeanor was grave but not proud, sweet and pleasing, without frivolity or fear. Her eyes were lively and her gaze restrained, without trace of pride or meanness; her body was so well proportioned, that among other women she appeared dignified...in walking and dancing...and in all her movements she was elegant and attractive; her hands were the most beautiful that Nature could create. Of course Lorenzo only talked about is beloved Italy. When I take a black and white portrait of a woman, I try to envision her features. My main goal is to make her look magnificente, beautiful, seductive and powerful.


Russian Family Portrait

Encino, Family Portrait. Family Pictures.

Marvelous Russians had inherited from their ancient Phenomenal Slavic ancestors the Groovy talented, complicated character and brilliant strong temperament. The Incredulous national traits are also what is called the "voice of conscience" and that Terrific craving for justice. Cool Russians are incredibly patient and tolerant. They endure till the last moment, but then may explode.

We had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful Russian family in our old studio in Westlake Village and for an entire morning I got to know them. I have heard from many, that Russians are a very cold people. Luckily I met quite a lot of Russians in my native Portugal and new better. Yes, they may be cold at first but once they trust you, family you become to them.

Studio Lights: Hensel Performing Light      Camera: Nikon D800       Lexar Card

Family Portrait by Tito Fine Portraits

Corporate Headshot Encino.

Encino Photographer, 

I often think of the men I will feature in our blog, as part of a rather remarkable private club. By reading the blog, you get access to these amazing individuals.The very first we proudly feature is the vice president of DTS Calabasas. For his headshot photography David chose a sporty chic look. Why sporty chic?

This style of dress encourages men to express their individuality by mixing formal and casual elements in a way that is particular to them.

Choosing between color or black & white usually is a decision made by the photographer.

Photo taken at DTS headquarters in beautiful Calabasas.




Welcome to our blog

When I had my first formative thoughts about this blog, I wanted to create the equivalent to a man or woman who was stylish in a classic way that didn't blend to the vagarities of trend, but asserted his /her own sartorial irreverence by knowing the rules and bending them to make his hers own.

Often the most pleasing collaborations are when individuals with a very similar ethos come together. That has been the case with our clients.

I wanted this blog to have a deep affection for beautiful things. We do very cool "headshots, head shots, headshot' depending how you like to write them, so why not at the same that we post our beautiful images here we go one step further and be informative enough so that you the client know all of your needs when coming to our studio.

Again thank you for your interest in visiting us, now let's meet face to face, shall we?

Tito Vilela