Traditional watchmaking has overcome the difficulties linked to the advent of quartz thanks to connoisseurs, collectors and all those who are passionate about watchmaking.


Comprised of 379 parts, the 7.25mm-thick, 32mm diameter self-winding Calibre 5939A keeps tabs on all the differing month lengths as well as leap years involved in our perplexingly nonsensical Gregorian calendar with such diligence that you-or, rather, the fortunate, as-yet-unborn heirs who are endowed with this gem-won't need to adjustit until 2100.

By purchasing a Blancpain timepiece you contribute to the promotion of watchmaking tradition and particularly to that of Blancpain, the oldest watchmaker in the world. To thank you for your interest we offer you the opportunity to have your own entry in our Register of Connoisseurs. In this way we will remain in contact and you will always be a welcome visitor at out Manufacture.

Blancpain’s native village of Villeret lends its name to the most classic collection from the Manufacture. Firmly anchored in tradition, these models personify our roots and embody our prime aesthetic choices. The purity of their lines, the clarity of their dials and the slenderness of their double stepped cases express essentials with timeless elegance.

Blancpain subtly and constantly reinterprets this collection with a contemporary face that nonetheless preserves its emblematic aesthetic. Far from representing a break with tradition, the new models reassert the Manufacture’s enduring attachment to authentic horological values, powerfully confirmed by the introduction of grand feu enamel dials and blued steel serpentine hands for the calendar display.

The Villeret collection incorporates the results of recent research conducted by Blancpain in the field of movement making. Under-lug correctors, secured calendar and moon-phase mechanisms, exceptional power reserves: everything possible is done to enhance exceptional timepieces such as the Carrousel Phases de Lune or the unique Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel.