Vanda Fine Clothing | EST. 2011

Meticulous construction, timeless design & tasteful fabrics.

Vanda Fine Clothing was founded in August 2011, with the mission of creating traditionally handcrafted menswear of exceptional quality.

With our humble beginnings selling hand-rolled pocket squares made on our bedroom floors, we have expanded our product line to include handsewn neckties, as well as self-tie bow ties.

Our small team of four staff handcrafts every single product, one piece at a time in our own workshop in Singapore. This artisanal approach ensures that every product is truly unique - something that mass-production settings can never emulate, whether in terms of quality or character.

In 2013, we began developing our own pocket square designs with a strong cultural identity. The Chinese zodiac series, Singapore Floral Coin series and most recently, the Simply Shiok Food series all seek to make the global perspective of Singapore relevant to people all over the world. In a market traditionally dominated by European designs, we endeavour to show the world that Asian designs can be no less interesting or beautiful.

We hope you enjoy wearing our products as much as we enjoy making them.

Our Team.

Gerald Shen graduated with degrees in finance and economics, but could not resist pursuing his passion in quality menswear. With his avid interest in classic menswear and eye for good design, Gerald is in charge of curating our product collections. When not sewing, he can most often be found in the kitch. Diana Chan has always had an interest in hand sewing and an eye for detail. Through Vanda Fine Clothing, she is able to create finely sewn mens accessories that satisfy even the geekiest of menswear aficionados. Diana enjoys learning new things, and is currently pursuing the disciplined art of ballet and the intricacies of the Japanese language. Diana and Gerald met in 2004, and got happily married in 2013!

Neckties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares,

The best way to determine your ideal tie length would be to put on your favourite tie, and tie your usual knot such that the front tip of the tie falls around the middle of your belt buckle.

If the rear end of the tie ends up +/- 1″ to 2″  (a matter of preference) the length is just right, and you can simply measure that tie from tip to tip and let us know. If it ends up a little shorter or longer than is ideal, just add or subtract your desired amount from the length of this tie. Please bear in mind that all ties tend to stretch around 1″  (0.5-1″  more for unlined grenadine ties) or so after being worn a few times, so please take into account this stretch when specifying your length.

If measuring an existing tie is not an option, we would suggest 57″  length for an average sized gentleman (5’8″  or 173cm) who wears trousers of average rise and ties a four-in-hand knot.

For tie widths, we suggest a classic width of 3 1/2″  (8.9cm) for average size gentlemen, as it is nicely proportionate to most mens’ figures. Slimmer gentlemen may be better off with a narrower width.

If you require a size that is not listed in the dropdown options, or require additional assistance in selecting your size, we would be glad to assist you if you write to us at Our bow ties can be adjusted by sliders to fit a range of neck sizes – the regular fits neck sizes from 14″ to 19” , while the small fits neck sizes from 9″ to 14″ .

We offer two styles of bow ties, the batwing which is a more timeless style, or the diamond point which is a touch more modern. Our pocket squares are offered in only one size, except for White Linen and The Ultimate White Square, which are offered in two variants. In general, fabrics which are slightly more bulky are made smaller, and vice versa, in order to ensure minimal bulging in the breast pocket.

Made by Hand, Top Quality Materials.

All our products are individually cut by hand, one piece at a time and not in stacks, to ensure precision. We use sharp scissors, and not complicated machinery to cut fabrics.

Our pocket squares are completely cut and sewn by hand. Other than the joining of the blade and the tail with a sewing machine, every part of our neckties are made by hand as well.

This includes hand sewing the continuous slip stitch that joins the tie, the bar tacks that secures the ends, as well as the hand rolling of edges to finish the fabric ends. We use the very best materials and trimmings for every part of our products. This includes the finest speciality woven silks from Vanners and handprinted silks from Adamley in the UK, grenadines from Fermo Fossati and Seteria Bianchi in Italy, as well as traditionally woven silks from Kyoto, Japan.

Trimmings are not overlooked either – we have specially sourced 100% natural finished wool interlining from Italy for incomparable lightness and bounce, and 100% silk thread from Japan or Germany for durability and beauty.

Occasionally when we chance upon some quality deadstock fabric, these will end up as limited pieces of neckties or pocket squares.