Augusto Caraceni was born in Ortona, in the Italian province of Chieti, in 1893. From a young age he and his brothers learnt the art of tailoring from their father Tommaso, who had a tailor’s shop in the town but was well-known throughout the whole region. When Domenico, the eldest of the brothers, opened a tailor’s in Rome, he asked two of his siblings, Galliano and Augusto, to come and work with him. It was there that Augusto gained a great deal of experience. In the 1930s Augusto moved to Paris, where he found great success as a tailor, counting many of the most prominent celebrities of the time among his clientele. He married and had four children there, but he returned to in 1939 with the outbreak of World War Two. In 1946 he opened a tailor’s in Milan, in via Fatebenefratelli 16, with a partner. That same year, young son Mario starts working at the family business and learns the sartorial craft. After Augusto passed away in 1972, Mario renamed the tailor’s in memory of his father, and thus the name A. CARACENI that we know today was born. From 1972 to 1998 the business moved forward and prospered, gaining an international clientele, all thanks to the determination and hard work of Mario, who stayed true to the firm’s traditions. Mario was awarded several prizes, including Sant’Omobono and the Union of Milanese Tailors. Mario retired in 1998, leaving the business to his daughter Rita Maria and his son-in-law Carlo Andreacchio, both of whom had been working with him for the previous 20 years, Carlo as a tailor and Rita Maria as a manager. Carlo became part of the Academy of Tailors in 1997 and was awarded a gold medal by the Union of Milanese Tailors in 2002. Their children Massimiliano and Valentina had been fascinated by the job from a young age, and in 2004 they also joined the family business in order to continue the tradition and be ready to take over when their moment comes!


We carefully select and purchase the finest English and Italian fabrics in order to ensure the high level of quality necessary for a suit to be a triumph, the standard our clients are used to. We don’t compromise on our linings: we are one of the few tailors to use silk to give our suits an elegant and luxurious finish. For this reason, we seek out and contact the best manufacturers directly. We meticulously research the hemp, horsehair and other details, to ensure that we only source natural, high-quality materials.


All our garments are strictly stitched by hand in the old sartorial tradition, which has been passed from generation to generation and lives on in the young people who come to us to learn it. Our son Massimiliano, who has been working with us since the age of 18, also continues the family tradition with passion and dedication. We can proudly say that we feel like the keepers of an art which represents both the past and the future of Italy, and which is appreciated and sought-after throughout the world despite the advances of modern technology and innovation.


From the most formal suits to more casual garments, our suits have always been made to measure, to offer our clients the pleasure of choosing and wearing a unique item of clothing. Thanks to our years of experience and practice, we can create the perfect suit to meet the needs of each client. We can offer the right garment for every occasion: morning dress for important events held during the day, dinner jackets and white tie for evening events, and more relaxed outfits for your free time. Not forgetting our double-breasted jacket, recognised the world over for its versatility in both formal and informal situations.