Men's Portrait.

Classic Portrait.

My photography session with actor Sean Scott McCraken was a pleasure. An easy guy to work with.

This guy is polite, generous and decent to a fault. In other words, a good man.

Sean's Site:

For this photo shoot I used the following.

Nikon 85 mm 1.8

Lexar Cards.

Hensel Porty and one EH Mini i Speed.



Men's Classic Portrait and the BMW Z3 | Agoura Hills, California.


Man with Style.

Personal style is more than just the aesthetics; it is a reflection of you as an individual.

It's an indicator of your self-esteem, confidence, status and success.

To own a great image is to empower yourself with visual power. A power that even before you say a word has induced others to see as successful, attractive and someone worth knowing.

When you look great, you'll feel great and people will notice and will treat you with respect. A personal great image also attracts opportunities both social and business that a man with a poor presentation will never receive.

About the photoshoot.

Agoura Hills is an amazing place for photography. The country side hills and the roads in between, gives me the perfect and quite places to photo shoot just about anything, specially fashion and portraits. I mainly used a Nikon D800 with an 85 mm 1.8. Great lens for portraits. My lighting equipment is from Germany, Hensel.

About our model.

Sean Scott McCracken has played historical figures on stage such as Bobby Kennedy, and inspiring characters including Dr. Berger in a stage production of ORDINARY PEOPLE. Other characters in his repertoire are uncertain heroes like Kent Erickson in FROM THE WOODS, featured in Cannes 2014 Short Corner. Show up for one of McCracken’s performances and what you’ll get is classic Leading Man swagger buoyed by still waters. SSM finished his college degree at Univeristy of California, San Diego with a major in Lit/Writing. He completed a few film shorts on the side, performed in a few plays, one penned by favorite writer, Milan Kundera. The next five years he spent as a lifestyle writer for 944 Magazine in San Diego, and a spirit brand manager before relocating to Los Angeles. In the recent past he’s been honing his craft over two years in Meisner training with John Ruskin, involved in Improv at UCB and M.I. Westside Comedy Theatre, and influenced by classical training in Shakespeare at Will Greer’s Theatricum Botanicum.


The BMW Z3 was introduced via video press release by BMW North America on June 12, 1995 and made a short appearance in the James Bond Film Golden Eye.

Written from someone who loves the good life," I'd always thought cars were just machines with a wheel at each corner, but this was lust. I drove it down the King's Road and bought the most expensive suit I'd ever bought, just to get used to the habit.